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Hoss Leads Way to History

Posted by: 031306 | October 3, 2011 | 1 Comment |

By Isabelle de Armoun

Your own Homer High Senior Hoss Frank is the captain of a team that made history homecoming week. The Mariners defeated Kenai 21-14, overcoming 22 years of defeat. Hoss got to this point like any other normal kid. Hoss grew up playing the game he loves in his back yard, when he got to middle school; he joined a team playing competitively. Hoss never let anything get in his way for instance if he didn’t have a ride to practice he would ride his bike, even if it meant ever day. He fell in love with the game because it was always there for him, and he sill continues not to give up. 

 The Mariners mantra, HIC (Honesty Integrity Courage), is just one reason why Hoss was elected captain by his teammates. When Coach Cam Wyatt told his team to elect a captain there was no question that Hoss was a player that showed determination, strength and leadership by always being at practice, being a friend to everyone on the team and always showing respect.

 When I asked Hoss how he felt the day of the Kenai game he told me he woke up the morning of the game knowing inside that the team was going to win, there wasn’t a doubt in his mind.

 After the win, Hoss said that he has received compliments from teachers and guys from other teams, “I have earned some bragging rights.” He has gotten offers from other college teams to play; he said that he doesn’t ever see himself playing with anyone besides his boys. With the Homer Mariners being lead by Hoss Frank one thing is sure, this year is making history.

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