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Powerschool. The new “better” program that Central Office has decided to use, in place of Edline. They chose this path because Powerschool supposedly does everything that Gradequick, Edline, and Discovery did. So instead of having three separate programs to use, we have one that’s better. This Program was chosen from a selection of similar such programs, of which Powerschool was graded as the best by a committee of Information Technology people. But many people have been having problems with this program, some just the fact that they were using something different than normal, some just the fact they couldn’t log on, students and teachers alike. Cindy Denny, an Instructional Technologies Coach, said that the problems from teachers were being handled by teaching the teachers, but she knew nothing about the problems faced by the students. Keoni Alfichi, a junior, has been having problems logging on, he says that every other time he tries to log onto Powerschool it will not let him. Mr. Stineff had similar problems when he first started to use the program but as time has gone by he has started to appreciate the genius of the program, his only problem with powerschool is when he had mouse problems and it wouldn’t click.

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