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Teen Relationships: Just a Fling or a Life-Time Commitment.

Posted by: Tabitha Drover | October 3, 2011 | 1 Comment |
By: Tabitha Drover

A typical Teenage Relationship.

Teen relationships. Most grown ups see teenage relationships as a fling, nothing more; few people see it as a long term commitment. But is it?

Most teenagers would agree with Keoni Alfiche, a Homer High School student, who said “I think you could meet your future husband/wife in high school. I think it would mainly depend on the people and the environment though.”

Abby Gilliam, another Homer High School student, said “Yes, I believe you could meet your future husband or wife as long as you aren’t getting in too many fights or you’re not getting too serious before you’re older.”

Many Homer High School students believe that high school relationships are essential to helping teens grow into adults, that it’s a huge milestone in our lives. Some people like Logan Edwards, A junior, said “It does build social bonds between people that grown ups usually use in their work place.”

Based on interviews, most people felt teen relationships are valuable whether they’re long term or not. People found that they are effective and helpful, whether to remember to fill up the car before a date, or teach you how to act appropriately. Whether you’re a freshmen or a graduating senior high school relationships play a large part in social development.
Some teenagers however believe they are pointless and that it’s just teenage hormones running wild. They believe that when they’re a teenager and you hear some likes you that you’re going to get so excited and happy you’re not really thinking about it.
Some grown ups even think it’s unhealthy because once a teenager dates they are likely to cut off their friends and parents so they can spend quality time with their boyfriend/girlfriend, and potentially comprimise independence. Then when the boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up, then they will become depressed and reserved from the world.

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