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Soccer Season Preview By Ryan Navrot It’s almost time. There’s less than ten days to cross out on the calendar. It’s as exciting as that moment where you realize that you’re no longer a boy, you’re a man. Homer High School’s soccer season. Preseason has already begun, for soccer; players are already starting to get […]

This year a new system was established to give $34,381 out of $170,000 to traveling teams on their way up to sports events, in order to pay for expensive bus rides and fares. Every team got a slice of the money to make the cost on students easier, every team except DDF. DDF, or Drama […]

By Theo Noomah My Drama Debate and Forensics career came to a close Saturday night, Febuary 18th, with the end of the 2011-2012 season. Closing ceremonies were held on a makeshift stage in a section of UAA cafeteria infront of hundreds of students representing 24 schools from all over Alaska who had been fortunate enough, […]

Time for Change

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By: Megan Gee The transportation meeting was held on February 21 at 7 pm in the Homer High School theater to discuss the potential changing of school times across the southern peninsula. Fifty two people came to argue their points and try to solve the problem we currently have. The assistant superintendent of the Kenai […]

By:Tabitha Drover “WHAT?! She’s retiring?! That sucks! She’s one of my favorite teachers!” Kayla Roach expressed her opinions at Mrs.Thompson retiring after this 2011/2012 school year. Sharon Thompson, a teacher of biology, earth science, and physics, is retiring from Homer High School after working since fall 2002. “It’s time for me to retire. My children […]

By Lauren Cashman Midway through the Seward Invitational Basketball Tournament a few weeks ago, the Lady Mariner basketball program found themselves in a serious predicament; due to uncontrollable events, they were in need of a coach in the midst of a tournament. Dennis Welch approached Mark Casseri, the boys’ basketball coach, and requested that he […]

By: Megan Gee & Tabitha Drover In most Homer High School classes  kids have unlimited hall passes and just get the class pass and leave with the teacher’s permission. Lately a new pass has been put into place in Mrs.Webb and Mrs.Thompson’s classes. The pass limits the students so they can only leave class a […]

By Akane Fujimura      Theo Noomah Reviews of Homer’s annual Mass Choir performance passed from director Mark Robinson, friends, families and audience members; “emotional,” “moving,” “powerful,” “blew me away.” Perhaps just as important as the musical performance was Homer’s outstanding professionalism, which Dr. Peter, the guest conductor, recognized as one of Homer students’ defining features. Each […]

By Mallory Drover and Aurora Rodrick According to History.com, Valentine’s Day is romantic holiday celebrated on February 14th which is based on three saints, who were all martyred. History.com also tells us that there are three possible legends, one legend for each saint. One talks about a roman priest.  He served an emperor that didn’t […]

Out of the Woodwork

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By Michael de Moura Homer’s medley of talent and potential has gotten a facelift since World Café was first revamped last winter, under the new name and artistic director. Brand new acts originating from the Middle East all the way to Kachemak Bay make the show “more diverse and more fun!” said Sally Oberstein, the […]

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