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Valentines Day History and Local Traditions

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By Mallory Drover and Aurora Rodrick

According to History.com, Valentine’s Day is romantic holiday celebrated on February 14th which is based on three saints, who were all martyred.

History.com also tells us that there are three possible legends, one legend for each saint. One talks about a roman priest.  He served an emperor that didn’t believe in young men getting married, because it made them bad soldiers.  Saint Valentine, the priest, believed this was wrong and married young men secretly. The emperor had Saint Valentine put to death immediately after discovering his defiance. The saint’s death sentence was carried out on February 14th, and now we associate the anniversary of his death with romance.  

The next legend says is that a Saint Valentine helped prisoners escape from jails which gave unmerciful beatings without cause. The Saint was caught helping the prisoners escape in early February and sentenced to death. His death sentence was also carried out on February 14th.

The last saint  was imprisoned for treason.  While he was imprisoned, he was believed to send out the first Valentine’s love letter. This letter was written for the jailer’s daughter who secretly came visit him, when her father was preoccupied. According to the legend he signed the letter “Love, Your Valentine.”

In Homer High School today, Valentine’s day is filled with a variety of modern traditions and celebration. The times have changed the celebration of love in honor of the saints who were martyred into something primarily more commercial, involving roses and chocolates. This year’s Matchmakers are hosted by the sophomore class, while Dana Olesh and Traven Apiki are selling roses for four dollars each on behalf of FFA.

“It’s for a good cause. The money is supporting our trip to the Envirothon,” explained Dana. “We’re delivering [the roses] during lunch or right before lunch on Valentine’s day. We’ve got lots of good sales this year, and we have really been appreciating all of the business. Roses make people happy.”

There will also be a Valentine’s Day dance on the 24th. There has been talk among the student council about having a ‘best ask’ contest, in which people take a photo or video of themselves asking their date to the dance in the most elaborate way possible. The winner and his/her date will get free admission into the dance.

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