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Out of the Woodwork

Posted by: Michael Demoura | February 15, 2012 | No Comment |

By Michael de Moura

Homer’s medley of talent and potential has gotten a facelift since World Café was first revamped last winter, under the new name and artistic director. Brand new acts originating from the Middle East all the way to Kachemak Bay make the show “more diverse and more fun!” said Sally Oberstein, the second director to take the helm of the production.

She elaborated, saying that this year’s Out of the Woodwork will incorporate a “mix of rock, soul, folk, salsa, poetry, comedy theatre, belly dancing, tap dancing and sea shanties” performed by virtuosos drawn to the ‘End of the Road’.

The show starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 18th at the Mariner Theatre.

“A lot of new faces, a lot of surprises” accompanied and rivaled by more prominent figures and voices, like that of the Shivering Gypsies, and KBBI’s Marcia Lynn “makes it Out of the Woodwork”.

Oberstein asked any artists who performed in previous shows “to do something out of the ordinary for them.”  Changing the content of their acts also shows off their versatility as performance artists.  Challenging circumstances produce a “very colorful” show.

Revelations of musical, choreographic, and theatrical talent shine an entirely new light on Homer’s community, “there’s so much talent in this town, it’s just amazing” Oberstein remarked.

A group of five High Schoolers can pay a mere $15 for their admission. Normally, tickets cost $5 dollars for youth, $10 for Homer Council on the Arts members, and $15 for general admission.

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