By Kikilia Kojin, Dylan Zharoff, Michael Demoura, and Mallory Drover Whether or not teachers are stressed about their work, stressful atmospheres can rub off on others. “Friction builds up before finals” making every body’s day a bit less bearable, Mr. Putney commented at the start of finals week. Math teacher Scott Akers explained, “Students are […]

Early Finals

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Complied by: Sam Reinert, Kenley Kingrey, Akane Fujimura, Phillip Whitney  The day of final exams. Everyone takes their finals for first, third, and fifth periods on the first day of exams, and has their finals for the even periods the next day. Everyone that is, except for athletes missing school for their respective games.                […]

By Jacob Mayforth, Tabitha Drover, Megan Isaac, and Mathew Meyer It’s finals week at Homer High, halfway through the year when students are tested on their cumulative knowledge the past semester, the difficult thing is no two finals are the same. Through interviews, teachers were found to have similarities and differences in the way they […]

By Matthew Meyer It’s the holiday season and Christmas is coming around the corner, and for Swing Choir that just means they have to work harder than ever. Swing Choir practices at the school every day at 7:30 A.M, an hour earlier than most students, to practice 37 Christmas Carols, including well known carols, like […]

Winter Concert

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              This year’s 2011 winter concert for the choir and band is full of great performances. This concert will get folks into the holiday spirit. Tonight the swing choir will perform seven songs, while the concert choir performs six songs. Performing also with four songs each tonight, are the jazz and concert bands.               Mr. […]

By: Tabitha Drover Last spring the school talked about implementing a program called “Raising The Bar.” It makes it so that a D is no longer passing. This year the school is putting it in motion. But how are the kids liking it? Some Kids feel that now they are pushed to work more and […]


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By Jacob Mayforth Immortals is not a movie about Greek mythology, although the trailer would have you believe otherwise. At first glance it will seem like the Greek story of Theseus and a war between Gods and Titans starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, and John Hurt…but it isn’t. The best way to see this movie […]

“Team over Me”

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Homer Mariners Boy’s Basketball shirts are most often emblazed with the “Team Me” basketball, but there is more to this symbol than first meets the eye. Most people interpret the logo, a basketball with the word “Team” printed on it above the word “Me”, to just say “Team Me” on a basketball background, and don’t […]

By Phillip Whitney                  Rob Way runs the Midtown Café. A year ago he started the Midtown Movie Nights on Fridays. He started this because he liked to watch movies, and he wanted to provide a safe place for adolescents to hang out. He stated, “It’s good to have something late night, on Friday night, […]

By Kikilia Kojin             The end of the wrestling season is near. This Friday to Saturday at Nikiski the wrestling state championship will take place. “We are taking five wrestlers. If you look at how many are in the state, we have the potential to make top six,” Coach Chris Perk reported confidently.             The […]

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