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The Stress of Finals

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By Kikilia Kojin, Dylan Zharoff, Michael Demoura, and Mallory Drover

Whether or not teachers are stressed about their work, stressful atmospheres can rub off on others. “Friction builds up before finals” making every body’s day a bit less bearable, Mr. Putney commented at the start of finals week.

Math teacher Scott Akers explained, “Students are stressing maybe a little bit, but not too much, Just the right amount. It produces better results.”

Many students have several extra factors adding to their work load. “I’m working after school, so I only have a couple hours at home. I don’t have time to do anything, and so I get less sleep and pressure builds up,” said senior Rayaan Clutts. “Semester finals are the most stressful because you have to remember everything. Formulas from the beginning of the year are harder.”

Last week 61 students showed up for tutoring sessions, so far this week, 37 students have shown up. Mr. Etzwiler, “the graduation coach” as Dr. Gee calls him, said that “it’s the initiative… to get on top of things” that makes the entire boys basketball team eligible.

Dreading what’s in store for the week, students prepare, or don’t, for finals, some spending their nights studying for hours and others spending it just relaxing.

Sophomore Genevieve Tymrak reported, “Actually no, I’m not stressed. I’m home schooled and finals are easy. But with the science class here at school, I’m stressed. With APEX, you have a lot of notes. In science class, I don’t have much notes or homework to study with, just a study guide.”

Among students who are vigorously studying to get a good grade on their final some students, like Ben Lowe spend their time with more lax attitudes. “I’m pretty confident in my brains,” said Ben when asked about his lack of studying. Although he also said most people are concerned with finals, other students like Sterling Newson claim that “I’ve never studied before” but still expect to average B+ to A- grades.

“I usually don’t have to study. y’know” Joe Freeman said while shrugging at his answer. He stated he doesn’t want to do finals and is going to and is pushing for a so-so grade. In contrast to Joe’s short replies, Tyler Post said “I think teachers rush homework in the week of the finals.” among other things about finals. Even though he gave this long speech about finals, he remains referring to himself as a “here and there studier.”

Since so much hinges on midterms and finals testing, alleviating stress and pressure build-up is key. Hope Casseri, the culinary arts and study skills teacher, maintains that “A decent sense of humor really helps… even just smiling and being happy.”

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