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Posted by: Jacob Mayforth | December 12, 2011 | No Comment |

By Jacob Mayforth

Immortals is not a movie about Greek mythology, although the trailer would have you believe otherwise. At first glance it will seem like the Greek story of Theseus and a war between Gods and Titans starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, and John Hurt…but it isn’t. The best way to see this movie is to forget everything you know about Greek mythology. So far as you know, the Greeks didn’t even exist. You can also forget about good acting, because while they try their hardest, the roles are never really pulled off well. There are moments of greatness, and then there are not-so-great moments.

This movie is an action movie, the action sequences are some of the best fighting I have seen this year, thrilling and every single fight feels epic and heavy, but the movie almost wants to be more than that. It wants to be adventure, and romance, and drama, but it can’t be those things because at its core it is pure, hot-headed action. This movie tries to be so many things at one time that they all get cluttered up. What they should’ve done was set their sights on a more specific goal, rather than shoot to hit every genre in the movie business.

If I was to describe Immortals in two words it would be “Dumb Fun”. This movie isn’t smart, there is no larger arc to the story line, the gods and source material are abandoned, and the acting is subpar. It’s fun because for those glimmering moments when someone’s war-hammer goes through a bad guy’s head and cleaves him in two. My advice is to see this movie when you have studied for finals for seven hours and you need something to clear your head. Final words: Its good if you don’t dig too deep.

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