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Midtown Movie Night

Posted by: Phillip Whitney | December 9, 2011 | No Comment |

By Phillip Whitney

                 Rob Way runs the Midtown Café. A year ago he started the Midtown Movie Nights on Fridays. He started this because he liked to watch movies, and he wanted to provide a safe place for adolescents to hang out. He stated, “It’s good to have something late night, on Friday night, for kids to do instead of get in trouble.”

He selects movies that have done well in the theaters, but are PG-13 or under, because most of the Midtown attendees are teenagers.

                Last week they showed Super 8, a film about aliens and the government, and this week they plan on showing Cowboys and Aliens, which is about aliens and cowboys… The attendance for this movie is expected to be the same people that have been to the Movie Night in the past. One of the regular attendees said that it was a good idea because it’s a fun, safe place to hang out until 11’o’ clock at night. When asked what kind of people went to the movie she said that it was mostly young religious people, some non-religious teens, and several little kids.

                The Midtown Movie Night is an enjoyable activity on Friday nights, it provides young people a place to hang out with a group that are relatively the same age, in a safe, teen centered environment, and the best part is it’s free to attend.

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