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Mission: Possible

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By Cayenna Anderson

Over spring break, people’s agendas vary; one might go visit family, take an extravagant trip, or simply sleep through the days. But how often do you hear about people going on a trip to a different country to help the less fortunate?

For a group of twenty five people, many of them HHS students, spring break was spent building roofs, painting houses, spreading gravel, and fixing up the insides of buildings in the city of San Vicente, Mexico. Additionally, these twenty five people traveled to spread their religious views, including teaching the kids bible stories and about Christianity.

“It was actually a lot of fun! We got to help out with whatever was needed and got a lot done. But the best part was interacting with the people. From where we live, they seem so different, but we are actually just alike,” said Josh Vantrease, a sophomore who ventured for the cause.

Joseph Cardoza, another sophomore, said that his favorite part was having the opportunity to meet all of the kids. He added that the whole experience made him realize how fortunate he was.

Vantrease said the team was handed the opportunity to play basketball with men from an immigrant camp. “They were very intimidating at first, but then we started playing and they were just cool guys. We couldn’t understand a single word they said, but that didn’t matter.”

Drew Raymond, junior, said that where they went was amazing. “It was heartbreaking at first, then completely uplifting from there on out.”

Thought the initial poverty that Raymond commented on was intense, all three agreed that they would, without a doubt, go back in a heartbeat and are looking forward to going on this annual trip again next year.

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