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Aurora Roderick

According to Mrs. Casseri and Cam Wyatt, only 11 members of Skills USA out of 41members are going to state. That is only 26.8%of skills members are attending the competition in Anchorage.  She also mentioned how only 28 of the 41 members went to regions and that is 68% of the Homer High Skills USA team.  Why did so many not go? Mrs. Casseri mentioned that a lot of them were ineligible, and one student who was entering the culinary competition, Savanna Kinnard, was too sick to attend.  

Cam Wyatt boldly said, “It’s indicative, it’s a time for changing the bar. It’s a time for them to step up, and I think we are just in the beginning of learning this system. I hope the students step up and take more interest in being eligible for regions and state.”

Ethan Roderick went to regions and placed 1st in the trailer back-up. He easily secured this position by being the fastest by minuets. In regions he also was in a team competition for construction and his team took home 1st as well. As Ethan heads to state, he entered the power mechanics event and is confident he will do well.  When asked about his opinion on the numbers of skills members not going to state Ethan was disappointed.

 “I think it is dumb, since we already paid for everyone to go. Now I think we got a lot of ‘flake outs’ in this school.”

Another young man going is David Jolly and he is entered in wielding. David placed 3rd in regions and is confident in himself to do well in the state competition as well. David was just as unimpressed at his team member Ethan when asked how he felt about the number of people not going.

 “I think they are missing out on important things and good stuff Skills USA is offering them.”

“It’s frustrating and disappointing to be a part of the most employable school, and then have so many people not go,” stated Health Johnson, a Skills member who placed 2nd in regions for construction. He is going to state to try and place again in construction. Yet again he was just as unenthusiastic about his fellow members not going as Ethan and David.

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