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Headstart Helpers

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Headstart daycare center is renting an old building on Oceanview drive and is currently renovating it for better use. The art teacher, Ms. Jannetta, who’s daughter is in HeadStart, is now taking her third period art class to the newly renovated building on Oceanview by car to have her third period art class paint the inside of the building.

About half the class, eight students, go on the trip because the other half of the students are suspended or out of the class for one reason or other. Since so few were present, Ms. Jannetta herself drove most of the class or had them drive themselves to the headstart building instead of renting a bus.

The project of painting the inside of the Headstart building is to both to increase the students skills with practical painting and give the young children a nice environment to spend their time in. Although no clear image of what the class will paint has been conceived yet, naturally, the paintings have to convey simple and childish-like images like the plaster alphabet going onto the walls.

Two art periods weren’t enough to get much done beyond painting the window frames, but over the course of about a month the third period art class will work on designing, painting, and creating plaster decorations for the space.

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