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The Blood Drive

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Isabelle De Armoun

Students might have noticed the “Life Mobile” from the Blood Bank of Alaska In front of the high school on November 11th. The Life Mobile is a mobile bus that allows blood donors to come on board and give blood in a safe and sanitary way.

The Blood Bank of Alaska says that community blood drives provide more than half of Alaska’s blood supply; Homer High got to play a vital role in keeping Alaska’s blood supply at a safe level. There were a total of overall 31 donors registered to give blood and a total of 17 pints were collected, which means Homer High students gave the potential to save 51 lives.

Lindsey Seniff and Megan Shover donated their time and effort into putting the blood drive together and having it run smoothly. 

Principal Allan Gee said he was proud to see Homer High students wanting to donate their time and their blood to help save lives. The blood drive turnout was very successful and he would like to see the blood drive here again next year.

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