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Basketball Upset

Posted by: Samuel Reinert | November 11, 2011 | No Comment |

The Homer High men’s basketball team finished last year with an average winning percentage around .500, and has eight returning varsity members this year. The promising prospect of a winning season was prominent on everyone’s minds until a damper was put on the proceedings.

Devon Kennelty, a 6 foot 8 inch senior on the team, has played the center position on the team for the past three years. Last year, he was the team’s offensive player of year, as well as the best rebounder and shot blocker. Earlier this fall, he injured his right foot during preseason conditioning, in the middle of a cardiovascular exercise. Yesterday, the big man on the team had surgery on his foot, to put a pin on a hairline fracture. This surgery puts Devon out of commission for at least the next two months, and on crutches for the next three weeks. But he’s not letting this discourage him. Only hours after his surgery, Devon told his teammates, “I can’t wait to be back on the court playing with the team. I’ll be back before you know it, make me proud guys.”

Coach Casseri is encouraging everyone on the team to offer Devon their support and encouragement until he is able to play again. Devon will miss four or five games of the regular season, but fortunately the team has so many returning members, so other starters on the team will be able to pick up the slack until they are back up to full strength.

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