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Excitement for the Neon Dance

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By Mallory Drover

This Saturday Nov. 12, from 7 to 11 pm, Homer High School will host the Neon Dance. The Neon Dance is a yearly tradition at Homer High that students look forward to every year, because the theme elements (glow sticks, black lights, and techno music) are so popular among students. Glow sticks will be sold at the dance for students to wear, and black lights will highlight bright clothing.

Neon Dance, 2010. Photo taken by Abby Little.

“This theme is neon so for this dance I’ll probably be playing a lot of lively upbeat music, instead of dark hip hop,” said Shlomo Gherman, Neon Dance DJ. “[I’ll play] dance, like electro music. Fast paced music with a really good solid beat.”

“I am so excited for the neon dance,” student Nykkole Pointdexter emphatically stated. Nykkole was at the dance in 2010, and knows what to look forward to this year. She’s planned an outfit with almost exclusively white colors from her head to her feet so that she can glow under the black lights while she dances.

There is a $7 entrance fee, after which students are free to enjoy themselves in the school Commons. With the neon theme of bright colors, flashing lights, upbeat techno music, and the shine of glow sticks and black lights, students have become so excited that the dance was announced over the intercom almost every morning this week to encourage attendance.

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