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Play Like Crazy

Posted by: Samuel Reinert | September 21, 2011 | No Comment |

Saturday: a day when the high school parking lot is usually deserted. On September 17 however, the parking lot was far from empty. Dozens of people, predominantly high school students, gathered to watch and participate in the annual Play Like Crazy volleyball tournament and fundraiser, a benefit for the Homer High volleyball team. Seven teams of non players entered into the competition, each coached by a group of Homer High volleyball players. Four teams played at once on two separate courts, both matches being overseen by coaches, referees, and score keepers.  As the day progressed, the feeling in the gym changed from one of relaxed fun, to one of competition and anticipation. Four sweat-covered teams entered into the finals, but an unwelcome surprise for the varsity players came when first place was taken by “Pass, Set, Hit”, coached by Caroline de Creft. “I can’t believe they won,” says Quinn Daugharty, a player in the tournament, “They’re our parents. They’re not supposed to be able to keep up with us!”The unassuming team, made entirely of adults and alumni, had 11 wins and 1 loss the entire day; defying everyone’s expectations and proving once again that experience can beat youthful athleticism any day of the year.

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