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          “I love coaching DDF. They’re awesome kids, they’re a little out there sometimes and they have their moments but it’s a lot of fun.  It’s really good to work with kids who are motivated to do above and beyond.  I mean these are kids who are memorizing 8-10 minute monologues.  They don’t have to, but they want to.  It’s really fun to watch them grow and become more confident,” said Ms. Christianson, DDF coach.

          DDF stands for Drama, Debate, and Forensics and is a club where students can express themselves, become public speakers, or even learn how to act and perform.   Currently, at Homer High School, there are 22 students in, or interested, in DDF. 

          Sydney Paulino, a current DDF student, said, “DDF means being able to get together with friends, and work on pieces to perform and to just have a good time” 

          “Well really to me, the purpose of DDF would be to teach people how to come up with original ideas while still following a script,” said Matthew Meyer, DDF student.    

          The DDF season started on Monday and will last till the middle of February when their final competition takes place. There are 16 events that include debates, interpretations, and theatre.

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