By SIERRA DELOACH Photos taken on the iPod Touch 4th gen or Canon 30-300 ALEXA In my family, the day that the first float plane takes off from Beluga Lake is the first day of spring. And spring is here! Pilots have cleaned up their float planes and inspected them for leaks, and off they […]

Beach Day

May 5, 2014 | Leave a Comment

By ANNA MIDDLETON All photos taken on an iPhone 5 In the spring a very relaxing activity to do is go for a walk on the beach. The breeze from the water is calming, and you get to smell the salt water and the winds around you. The sand softens under your feet as you […]

By ANNA MIDDLETON The following products are what are trending here in Homer. My friend helped me pick through what girls are wearing and decide what ones are the most popular trends.  There are many more trends out there, but these are the ones that stood out to my friend and I as the cutest. […]

By ANNA MIDDLETON On March 18, I met a middle aged woman named Jenny*. She became pregnant when she was 15 in 1976. Jenny’s pregnancy was a planned pregnancy because her boyfriend and her wanted to be married, but neither of their parents would agree to let them be married at such young ages. Her […]

By SAMANTHA DRAVES Photo by Jeanne Deloach Glistening sunshine reflecting off the water, eagles soaring high in the blue sky and beautiful sea life, – just the normal scene at the fabulous spit  tourists and Homer citizens alike look forward to seeing.. But it was not always like this. The town used to exist only […]

Black Friday

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By SIERRA DELOACH It’s that Christmas shopping time again—windows are overfilled with bright toys and clothes, gaudy Santa impersonators, and heavily ornamented trees. And Thanksgiving is next week, but the excitement for all that tasty, homemade food pales in comparison to the thrill of Black Friday. Stores open early and flood with millions of people […]

When Pigs Fly

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By DANIEL RIOS Wild pigs, boars, federal hogs – whatever you call them – they are becoming a major world problem. Within the last couple of years the wild pig populations have sky rocketed dramatically. It is a fact that wild pigs have taken over the planet. It is now just a matter of lowering their population […]

By LOGAN REVEIL A poll of about 50 Homer High students was taken by the Mariner Compass this week. The survey asked students whether or not they should be allowed to use cell phones in class. According to an article in the Homer News, the Kenai Peninsula Borough School district is considering changing its policy […]

By DANIEL RIOS Have you ever wondered why and how Homer came to be?  I wanted to learn more about the history of Homer, so I did some research and here is what I found out. Homer is not that old compared to, let’s say Boston, but even though Homer’s history is not as long […]

BBBS in Our Community

September 26, 2013 | Leave a Comment

By BRETT MERROW Big Brother’s Big Sister’s has been a continuous exercise in positive influence on our youth all throughout Homer. It provides a safe, solid environment for children to learn and grow through mentoring with a caring friend, or Big, who can give them the nurture and encouragement they need to dream big and […]

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