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When Pigs Fly

Posted by: Mark Putney | December 10, 2013 | No Comment |


Wild pigs, boars, federal hogs – whatever you call them – they are becoming a major world problem. Within the last couple of years the wild pig populations have sky rocketed dramatically. It is a fact that wild pigs have taken over the planet. It is now just a matter of lowering their population before it gets so out of control that it is too late to do anything about it.

Wild boars are not native to the U.S and they were introduced in the 1500s when colonists came to the Americas.  The boars were released in the wild and were hunted by the colonists for food. Hundreds of years have gone by and now imagine these creatures located all around the globe, imagine the destruction that these beasts can cause worldwide. With the fact that’s these wild animals are located everywhere including 47 of the 50 United States and all over Europe it is no wonder why the populations are so high.  With the population nearing over a million in Florida state alone and  “The German Hunting  Federation” stated that the populations of wild boars before 2008 quadrupled and  thereafter through 2009 have since quintupled over the last couple of years is just horrifying to think about what the wild boar populations would be in the future to come. Jager Pro Hog Systems part of the U.S Department of Agriculture say that one female boar or “sow” can reproduce on 8 to 10 months out of the year and can produce 12 or more piglets in that one year, this is crazy.

Boars are very dangerous and destructive causing over 1.5 billion dollars in damage to crops and property each year just in the United States. There was a case where these destructive hogs had caused an f-16 fighter jet plane to crash. The incident occur on an army base in Florida when an f-16 fighter jet was trying to land on the runway and a wild hog appeared out of nowhere and was hit by the jet causing a 16$ million dollar accident.

But destruction is not the only thing these pigs are good at there has been a ton of incidents with these boars harassing and attacking the people of Germany.  There are an estimated 3000 boars that room the streets of Germany. With that many wild animals loose someone is bound to get hurt. In late October of 2012 four people were attack by a 256 pound porker in the town Charlotottenburg of these four people attack a policeman was attacked by this beast and injured. Soon after police arrived and shot the boar down.  As I have said before these animals are dangerous and destructive, and with their population every growing and expanding who knows how bad it could get before it is too late.

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