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Beach Day

Posted by: Mark Putney | May 5, 2014 | No Comment |


All photos taken on an iPhone 5

AM 1

In the spring a very relaxing activity to do is go for a walk on the beach. The breeze from the water is calming, and you get to smell the salt water and the winds around you. The sand softens under your feet as you walk closer to the water.

AM 2

At the Anchor Point Beach there are beautiful sunsets and a low tide to walk along. Take off your shoes and take a walk on the cool, damp sand. View the birds in the distance while you are taking pictures with your friends or family. Walk through the shallow puddles that outline the sand down by the shore.

AM 3

The photo above is a picture I took at the Land’s End beach. I love going down to the end of the spit to watch the boats zoom or sail by. Another enjoyable part of this beach would be watching the people fish near the edge of the water. Occasionally you will see sea otters and whales passing through.  Watching the otters eat is one of the cutest photographs you can take.

AM 4

If you go down to the beach at the right time you will see a view of the whole sun. The sun reflecting of the ocean is a beautiful view. The water below the sun glistens and shines towards the sky. Watching the clouds above the beach is delightful. While the tide is low make designs in the sand and take pictures of them so you will always have a memory of your sand art.

AM 5

Even on a snowy spring day the beach is a place to go and walk your dogs. The snow is hardly there and it gives you a place for your dogs to clean off the mud. Snow on the beach is nice because you have the option of walking on  rocks, sand, and snow. Enjoy the snow while enjoying the ocean it is a win.



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