By DANIEL RIOS On Saturday, Oct. 12 the Homer Mariners battled it out for the first time this season at Skyview High School. What a day, with all of the excitement of the yelling crowds and cheering of the teams in the gymnasium, it was filled with noisy fans. Tragically, this could have been one […]

By SIERRA DELOACH Millions saw the performance Miley Cyrus gave at the VMA’s on Aug. 25, and the reaction was very negative. Most viewers described the dance as vulgar, or even disgusting. It was nearly immediately that sexist comments exploded on the internet, saying that she belonged at home, or in the kitchen, even that […]

by LOGAN REVEIL The Mariner Theatre  hosted ‘Quixotic’, an interdisciplinary ensemble that has performed around the world. The group was on stage the 17th and 18th of October. Quixotic blends dance, music, acrobatics, and special effects all into one performance.  On the website for Quixotic, the creator, Anthony Magliano says,”I want Quixotic audiences to feel the […]

Goodbye Baseball

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By NAHOA JETTE America’s favorite pastime is no longer baseball. Disturbing, but true, baseball has taken the backseat of professional sports in America. According to the article “Is America’s Pastime Dying a Slow Death?,” Major League Baseball television ratings have plummeted by as much as 50 percent since 1990. These are alarming numbers due to […]

By ANNIE WORSFOLD On Oct. 14, students and staff from Homer High, Flex, Seldovia, and other schools gathered in the Mariner Theatre to watch the performing arts team, Quixotic. The show was described to be a completely new experience unlike anything the viewers had ever seen, and they weren’t let down. The show combined performances […]

IPads in the Classroom

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By SAM DRAVES Schools need to add more technology in the education learning process. All around the country, districts have placed iPads in the classroom as an educational tool, so why doesn’t Homer? Teachers ranging from elementary to the high school level have expressed the improvements the device is making in their students’ education. In […]

Picture This!

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By HALEY BOND Students at Homer High gather in the art room to participate in PhotoVoice, a program that provides opportunities to stand up and speak up in the community through conceptual photography (  The activity allows students to learn about a prominent issue in Homer- irresponsible consumption of alcohol- bringing attention to the problem […]