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Quixotic Comes to the Mariner Theatre

Posted by: Mark Putney | October 25, 2013 | No Comment |


The Mariner Theatre  hosted ‘Quixotic’, an interdisciplinary ensemble that has performed around the world. The group was on stage the 17th and 18th of October.

Quixotic blends dance, music, acrobatics, and special effects all into one performance.  On the website for Quixotic, the creator, Anthony Magliano says,”I want Quixotic audiences to feel the same thing I feel every single day. I want them to be challenged, to feel a little unsettled, to feel like it’s a little bit dangerous…”

Students and teachers alike were amazed by the performance. “It blew my mind,” said Ms. Tetor. “I especially liked their use of both contemporary and classical styles,” said senior Brittney Bordner. Personally, I found the combination of color, light, music, and motion electrifying. By the end of the performance, I felt like a frayed rope, as if someone had thrown me on a roller coaster and forgotten about the seatbelt.

One student, Brett Marrow, questioned whether or not the Mariner Theatre was a large enough venue for such a show. “I just don’t think that Homer is the right place.” Student and stage assistant, Axel Gillam, disagreed, saying that they brought some of their own equipment including a projector, sound system, and speakers. When asked about the lack of equipment, he said, “No, I don’t think it hindered the performance.”

The reason such a professional-grade show made an appearance in Homer, was because Quixotic co-founder, Mica Thomas, is a Homer High alumni.

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