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Quixotic Comes to Homer

Posted by: Mark Putney | October 25, 2013 | No Comment |


On Oct. 14, students and staff from Homer High, Flex, Seldovia, and other schools gathered in the Mariner Theatre to watch the performing arts team, Quixotic. The show was described to be a completely new experience unlike anything the viewers had ever seen, and they weren’t let down. The show combined performances of musicians, dancers, aerialists, special effects and more. For such a small town and theatre, this was definitely a surprise for many of the onlookers.

The reason Homer managed to score such an unbelievable act has to do with one of the artistic directors being a Homer High graduate and resident throughout his childhood. Without the enthusiasm of Mica Thomas the likelihood that this group would have ever been brought to Homer is slim.

Although the performance was an abridged version created to fit within the borders of a school assembly, two more performances in their entirety were available on Thursday and Friday nights- for a price. While this assembly was a school event free for students and staff, when the act became available to the town it was not such an easy price. Tickets were available from Homer Council on the Arts; $40 general admission, $20 youth and seniors.

Even after the short assembly, the amazed reactions of the viewers continued long after the show was over. The performance was nothing less than “exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical”; the definition of the group’s title.


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