By Akane Fujimura    The last class of the day, students can hear the instruments’ sound-coming from the band room. This small band, 35 people, first go into the band room, pull out their instruments, and practice until the teacher begins to talk.   The last five years, Homer High School Band has changed a […]

Breaking and Falling

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By Michael de Moura At 4:00 A.M. on September the 11th, two men broke into Homer High School through the roof.  Security cameras in the hallways managed to provide stills, or pictures provided by videos.  The stills obtained were too blurry to identify the perpetrators beyond a vague physical description: the two male intruders were […]


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          “I love coaching DDF. They’re awesome kids, they’re a little out there sometimes and they have their moments but it’s a lot of fun.  It’s really good to work with kids who are motivated to do above and beyond.  I mean these are kids who are memorizing 8-10 minute monologues.  They don’t have to, […]

Play Like Crazy

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Saturday: a day when the high school parking lot is usually deserted. On September 17 however, the parking lot was far from empty. Dozens of people, predominantly high school students, gathered to watch and participate in the annual Play Like Crazy volleyball tournament and fundraiser, a benefit for the Homer High volleyball team. Seven teams […]

By Jacob Mayforth Tori Vaz sits at the far corner of a table in the Home Ec room. Today is the first meeting of the new Japanese Club, and although it is rocky, Ms.Vaz has high hopes. Begun in 2009 by Katie Reyes, the Japanese club is an organization based in Homer High where students […]

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