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Money in the Bank

Posted by: Mark Putney | September 26, 2013 | No Comment |


Alaska residents rejoice! It’s October and for us elite U.S. citizens, and it’s time to collect our reward in the form of a $900 check! Yes, the 2013 Permanent Fund Dividend has been announced at $900 this year, which is a $22 increase from last, but still not near the entrancing $2,069 from five years ago. But who’s complaining? An extra $900 will always be welcomed with smiles and open wallets. The majority of everyone who signed up to receive the PFD this year can expect it to replenish their bank accounts on Oct. 3.


The PFD represents many things to people. It can take the form of paid bills, a new wii, or possibly contribute to a certain college fund. We residents of Alaska appreciate the generosity of this glorious state, but although we appreciate the extra cash every year, not many understand it. For those that have the desire to know exactly how Alaska can dish out so much cheddar, the official PFD website, which contains all the information needed to unlocking the knowledge of the PFD.

How Will You Spend Your PFD?

If a parent takes his or her child’s PFD from them it’s most likely for a good reason, but for those fortunate people who do get to keep the money: what are you going to spend it on? A student at Homer High replied, “I don’t know yet.” Unsatisfied with this answer they were asked what they wanted to spend it on, and in response, “Clothes probably.” Indeed, new clothes are always enticing to a teenager.

Another Homer High student was asked what students should spend their PFD’s on, and they replied: “Well I think they should spend it on the things they would need like sports and other stuff like that.” They later went on to say that students should be smart with their money, and use it to give back to the community.


The fact that Alaska has found a way to give back to its residents is pretty neat, and the other 99 percent of the country should be jealous that we get to not only live in this great state, but we also get paid for it. As checks go out and deposits are made, appreciate the gift and share it with others that may not be as fortunate. If interested in donating a small portion of this year’s PFD to charities check out Pick.Click.Give.


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