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First Time Skier Join The Team

Posted by: Akane Fujimura | November 22, 2011 | No Comment |

By Akane Fujimura

The HHS ski team started practice on October 31st. For some of them this is their first experience with cross country skiing and for others, it is their first experience with snow.

On the first day of ski practice, actually on snow, Lertkiat Kuanmongknlert (Neung), a foreign exchange student from Thailand was trying to balance on a ski, this was his first time to ski. “I’m from a hot country where it doesn’t snow. So I never saw snow before and I wanted to challenge new things. This is the reason why I chose skiing this winter,” said Neung. He enjoys the snow and is looking forward to becoming a good skier. “I want to learn basic things about skiing this season. That’s my goal.”

After a couple of days of ski practice, Lennert Von Schlichting, a foreign exchange student from Germany, who never cross country skied before, got used to skate skiing. “I have downhill skied before, but I never did cross country skiing. And it is a lot of fun and I love snow. My goal? Maybe to finish a race as number fifty out of one hundred. Well, I want to be able to just finish a race first.”

For these two skiers, each are practicing hard every day for their own goals.

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