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Thirty-one days of Halloween

Posted by: Phillip Whitney | October 7, 2011 | No Comment |

By Phillip Whitney

                Dana Olesch and Nykkole Poindexter, you’ve probably noticed them this month, because they have dressed up again this year for their Thirty-one days of Halloween.

Last year, between the two of them, they made a bet, to see who could dress up the best on the most days of October. Both love this ghastly holiday, “It’s like my Christmas,” stated Dana. While Nykkole is in love with it because of all the stories and myths associated with this holiday.

When asked when they found time to come up with all of the costumes they wear, they both adamantly said that they were thinking about the month of October either all year, or coming up with costumes all summer long. Only a week into this yearly event, and Dana and Nykkole have presented  a dark mage, a crowned king, a bladed  Wolverine, an echo into a past TV show Clinger, and a steampunk pilot. The students and staff can only wait and see what’s next from these two Halloween loving seniors.

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