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Movember (Mustache- November) is here yet again! Handlebar, fu Manchu, toothbrush, walrus,- whatever the style, millions across the globe have one month to produce the finest mustache the world will ever see. The goal? Other than looking fly, Movember’s true goal is to raise prostate and testicular cancer awareness, along with raising funds for treatment […]

by LOGAN REVEIL There is a saying in journalism that says “If it bleeds, it leads.” But last Friday I found new meaning in this phrase. While arms were sterilized and foam balls were squeezed, 32 students gave their blood for the annual Blood Bank of Alaska, blood drive. As put in their mission statement: […]

By ANNIE WORSFOLD In 2013 when technology is such a routine part of the American life, one almost doesn’t even question the thought of babies playing with iPhone apps. They keep kids with busy parents quiet, they’re portable, and hey, they’re labeled “educational,” so they must be good for kids. It’s the way of the […]

The SAT and College Apps

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By NAHOA JETTE It’s worshiped and feared at the same time, but nevertheless, the SAT is a staple component in college applications. It’s a process where students flock to their testing centers, usually early on a Saturday morning, and spend the next five hours of their life filling in circles with a #2 pencil. The […]

By KHADICHA MUKAMBETOVA These days one year old kids know how to use technology. This is wrong; babies shouldn’t know how to use an iPhone or how to work an iPad. Many adults have smartphones and tablets, and their kids of course would be very interested in a touch screen device. Kids get engaged in […]

By SIERRA DELOACH Fantasy gore seems to be more and more popular as the graphics are refined and technical kinks are straightened out. They have become increasingly popular amongst the teen to young adult population, especially boys. What is it that makes them so fascinating—the repulsive graphics, the brutal deaths? And, is there something more […]


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By SAMANTHA DRAVES When people think of poverty, they often think of the third world countries with an overwhelming number of lower class citizens. Many believe that the United States has little to no lower class citizens in poverty, yet the numbers prove otherwise. I decided to head out and take a survey to find […]

By HALEY BOND Want to watch a movie full of gore, violence, and intense zombie horror? Too bad, we’re going to talk about five old men reuniting for an epic pub crawl they failed to do in high school. Director Edward Wright turns a movie full of drunks into a threat towards humanity, testing the […]