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Movember (Mustache- November) is here yet again! Handlebar, fu Manchu, toothbrush, walrus,- whatever the style, millions across the globe have one month to produce the finest mustache the world will ever see. The goal? Other than looking fly, Movember’s true goal is to raise prostate and testicular cancer awareness, along with raising funds for treatment and research. Movember itself isn’t just a fancy portmanteau, it’s an actual organization based out of Australia. Founded in 2003, Movember has grown from 30 participants (Mo Bros) to more than a million today. Last year, in the US alone, Movember raised $21 million for the cause. For more information on Movember, visit their website at Movember


Photos By: Nahoa Jette and Sam Draves

These are the Homer High School teachers and a student showing their ‘staches. (*Note not all teachers are participating in Movember.) Students prepare yourselves because you will get the opportunity to not only vote for your favorite mustache, but also support the Movember organization. On Nov. 26, students will have the opportunity to vote for the best mustache shown at Homer high. The teacher in first, second and third place will earn money to donate in his name. A spirit day will be held on the same day where students can wear their mustache. Guys better start now! Girls can participate by making a fake mustache. Here is the fun part, any student that brings their mustache to school to show off will automatically be giving money to the Movember organization. A real mustache will give one dollar to Movember, and a fake mustache adds fifty cents to the total count. Good luck and happy Movember.

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