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Fashion at Twenty Below?

Posted by: Theo | January 31, 2012 | No Comment |
-Theo Noomah

Alaskans and the weather are at war six months out of the year. Usually the weather wins and we put on extra socks and sweaters and lean into the wind on our way out to our frosty cars. Hope is not lost for Alaskan-kind though, there are still the rare symbols of inspiration who retain their rights to bare arms, legs, and toes. To shed some light on how fashion can be upheld, even in the dead of winter, I asked some of these people;

“How did you get to school wearing that?”

“I actually wear shoes until I get to school.”
-Avid flip-flop wearer, Richard Ginter

“I wore pants over this, then I strategically removed them when I got to school.”
-Grace Steiner

“It wasn’t cold outside, I was in -48 degrees weather recently, so this isn’t cold.”
-Hannah Baird

And if you’re wondering how Grace can get across the ice on these,

“Actually, it takes a long time and it’s really slippery.”

It isn’t easy making it to school in awful winter weather, and these people don’t have it any better. Maybe we can learn from them, and maybe the best we can do is bundle up and be proud as we tromp around school in our boots.
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