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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Posted by: Michael Demoura | January 31, 2012 | No Comment |

-Mike De

At first glance, another Mission Impossible movie didn’t have the same appeal it once had, but Simon Pegg’s considerable role managed to completely change my attitude.  With only brief tie-ins to Mi: III, Ghost Protocol manages to form a surprisingly independent story arc; complete with new characters, gadgets, and stunning settings.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol beckons to fans of the original TV Series, while satisfying cravings of espionage, akin to James Bond.  Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Up) makes a worthwhile transition to live action films, creating an all new story arc closer to the roots of the Mission Impossible series.

Although dramatically inept at times, Tom Cruise still pulls off his role as Ethan Hunt without a hitch.  Other than brief cameos, actors from the previous Mission Impossible movies leave it all up to the new cast and the awesome premise of Ghost Protocol.

Foreign actors, yet familiar faces from Swedish and French films, made for perfectly malevolent villains.  While new faces like Jeremy Renner (The Town) and Paula Patton (Precious, Deja Vu) help stop the world from ending.  And then there’s Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Paul) who fits his part, as a hacker slash field agent, like a glove.

The amount of effort that went into finding spectacular views alone brings contrast to each scene, just as the improved cast and plot makes for an engrossing, funny and exciting Mission Impossible experience.

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