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The Pep Band

Posted by: Akane Fujimura | September 30, 2011 | No Comment |

By Akane Fujimura 

  September 24th, 2011. The homecoming game was held at Homer High School. To help fire up the football team and the crowd, the musicians in the pep band wore matching pep band t-shirts and blasted familiar songs during the football game. Tian-En Liu, sophomore in the pep band, said “Pep band is awesome. It supports the Mariner spirit.”

  Around 2:30pm they played “Don’t Stop Believing” and several other songs before the football game started. They also played some short songs during the game and during halftime. “I’m sure people who were watching the homecoming game enjoyed listening to the music that we played,” Nykkole Poindexter, senior in the pep band said. During the game, Ms. Christianson said to the pep band, “If Homer scores, we will play ‘Anchors Aweigh’.”

  Unfortunately, before the Mariners comeback, the pep band stopped because it started to rain. The brass instruments had no problems playing in the rain, but it might break the wood instruments if they got wet.

  Even if the pep band didn’t play so many songs, we can’t forget their efforts, they practiced for about four weeks to prepare for the game. “The pep band is very good because the students who aren’t on the sports team could help support the athletes by firing them up. I’m sure we did,” Nykkole said.

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