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Ever since Miss Naden left Homer High school after years of teaching art, Maygen Jannetta stepped in and now balances both ceramics and Intro to Art. The art class still is full of diligent students that all manage their projects on time at their own pace, some listening to the music played to the class or others using their own iPods for their inspirational pleasure.
The students, today, are going through landscape painting, having finished a series of sketching projects.

Perhaps in the near future, besides plans to have the art classes participate in the Ptarmigan Arts exhibit for middle and high school, Miss Jannetta has committed herself to getting a school mosaic as a major project for her art classes. Although it still has to go through the school board and a site for it has to be found, Miss Jannetta is excited about the opportunity.

Miss Naden’s classes completed a similar project three years ago: A similar project made three years ago including murals like: the Mariner Lady, an art piece depicting a lady in a yellow rain jacket-set to be placed by the main entrance; The Mariner Man, an appearance similar to the Mariner Lady except of a man-next to the Mariner Lady and the glass case; the Moose, an art piece of a field with a moose and a wolf set in fall -set to be placed above the b wing stairs; maybe the Snow machine, depicting a snow machine-set to be placed above the a wing stairs; and finally the Moon/Garbage painting–set for between the doors to the theatre. Miss Jannetta hopes to put all of these murals up soon.

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