by Mallory Drover On Saturday, September 24th, Homer High School celebrated a victory during the 2011 Homecoming football game against the Kenai Cardinals. The event was a success for the crowd, the school band, the football players, and the student council members who worked for two weeks to create and carry out event plans. However, […]

The mysterious Khan Academy, a new craze on the internet, is becoming more and more influential in schools. Instead of assigning book lessons or problems, more and more teachers are assigning video lessons on line at the Khan Academy. Many students at Homer High were unaware that the academy even existed unlit recently, when Mr. […]

Staging Shakespeare

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By Kenley Kingrey “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name…” These words echo from Mrs. Dolma’s freshmen Language Arts class, as they prepare for their production of Romeo and Juliet. Seniors in Mrs. Dolma’s class will perform Hamlet for their class play. Sophomores will have the privilege to […]

By Jacob Mayforth According to a poll taken by the Associated Press and MTV, 56 percent of people ranging from 14 to 24 year olds, have been harassed online. It is clear that online “cyber-bullying” is a problem, but is the cure for online harassment deadlier than the disease itself? Schools around the country are […]

The Pep Band

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By Akane Fujimura    September 24th, 2011. The homecoming game was held at Homer High School. To help fire up the football team and the crowd, the musicians in the pep band wore matching pep band t-shirts and blasted familiar songs during the football game. Tian-En Liu, sophomore in the pep band, said “Pep band […]

AP stands for Advanced Placement, which are an option of classes that are more challenging and have more work involved than the average high school course. However, why would a student ever want to subject themselves to more difficult classes?

“We are already waiting for school to end, we want it out of our mind, so we don’t want to do homework,” an upperclassman expressed. How much homework is the right amount? Should we even have any at all? “If there’s more than an hour of work, I don’t do it,” a student shared. Students […]

By Matthew Meyer Before students graduate from high school they have a few choices that they can make. One of those choices is where they can go to college. Luckily for Homer High students, they can get most of the information they’ll need at the school counselor’s office. They’ll have pamphlets that have information on […]

Art Current Events

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Ever since Miss Naden left Homer High school after years of teaching art, Maygen Jannetta stepped in and now balances both ceramics and Intro to Art. The art class still is full of diligent students that all manage their projects on time at their own pace, some listening to the music played to the class […]

The Big Secret

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The Homer High Cheer Squad. 11 energetic teenage girls who have been preparing for the homecoming football game’s half-time show with a secret dance routine that they have been developing and practicing after school, along with participating in powder-puff, and doing a cheer for the pep-assembly Friday.               Fallin Crauthers, one of the minds […]

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