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Plates Full of Emotion

Posted by: Mark Putney | April 17, 2014 | No Comment |


Food… We all eat it whether we eat it with a fork, spoon, straw or chopsticks. But do we really know what is put into it. Who makes it is also important. Cooking is like an art, the chef’s feeling and emotion will ultimately define the quality and outcome of how the food is cooked and prepared.

Fast food. Why do we eat it? Is it because it is good? Or is it because it is filled with addicting chemical hormones that keep us coming back for more? We do not get that sensation we get when we wait for a prepared meal that feeling that makes all the waiting worth it.  The smells are magical as you watch your food arrive at the table. They can be so consuming that is almost unbearable to wait any longer.

What I am getting at is that when you have a meal prepared for you there is a feeling like no other. You can get a glowy warm feeling that people spent their time to bring to you a delicious meal. With fast food you do not get this, most people that are working at fast food chains do not really take pride in their work and mainly do it for the money. When they do this that sensation is lost and blurred perhaps completely destroyed.  The food will be bland and sad. But hey at least it will be filled with fattening and sometimes harmful addictive taste chemicals.

Food that has taken a deal of time to prepare is so much better than food that takes about 5 maybe 10 minutes to prepare.  Take Top Ramen for example. It takes just minutes to prepare and all you have to do is add hot water. Now how much emotion do you give in preparing and pouring hot water in to a bowl of noodles?

Emotion is everything when it comes to cooking. How you are feeling is mixed into the food. When I asked a fellow student on how they felt on if emotion was a part of food they stared at me with their mouth wide open and said. “YES.”

So the next time you go a high quality restaurant or have a home cooked meal, just think for a second and take in all the emotions that the food is giving off. All the feelings and hard work that was put into this delicious meal for you to consume.


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