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College Considerations

Posted by: Mark Putney | April 17, 2014 | No Comment |


With graduation on the horizon, many seniors are stressing about their final decisions for college. By now, most have applied to colleges, been evaluated by college counselors, and hopefully received letters of acceptance.  Before all of this though, there came a less formal process. Prospective college students have poured over U.S. News reports and visited campuses, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of this or that campus. But in the end, a decision needs to be made.

For many, deciding on where to go to college is a simple question of cost. For others, a school’s location a crucial factor. Whether the intent is to staying close to home or get as far away as possible, often people won’t even consider going to college on the east coast.  Others have a preference for smaller schools where students feel a greater sense of community. Additionally, small schools tend to have smaller class sizes, which can translate to more one-on-one time with professors. On the other side of the coin, larger schools provide a wider range of classes.

These are by no means the only factors that high school seniors consider when looking at colleges. They are however some of the more important ones. And when swamped in the  intricacies of dorm fees and alternative majors, these general details become a life-line for practicality.

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