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The Most Amazing Apps of the Millennium

Posted by: Mark Putney | February 5, 2014 | No Comment |

Following this sentence are three apps that Mariner Compass reporter, Nahoa Jette, believes are awesome.

Flappy Bird (Games) [Free]NJ 2

Some call it “the most annoying game you will ever play,” while others say it was created by Satan. Nevertheless, the mobile phone game, Flappy Bird, has begun its turn under the app spotlight. Contrary to popular belief, Flappy Bird was created not by the Antichrist, but by a man named Dong Nguyen. In addition, this isn’t a new game – fresh on the market – no, Flappy Bird has been there lurking at the bottom of the Top Free list, waiting for just the right moment to pounce on its unsuspecting victim. It’s not fully known how Flappy Birds flew to its impressive popularity – whether computer bots faked the game’s attention, or a fifth grader shared it on their facebook – one thing is certain, though, and that this is one of the more maddening fads the modern world has seen.

Today there is a battle. A battle between two green pipes, and a handicapped clam-like bird. I sense I will soon lose this battle, but for those still out there continuing to fight for what is right, I offer this: my high score is 197.

Mathlab Calculator (Productivity) [Free] *Idk if this app is on the iPod and iPhone:NJ1

For those aspiring math majors – or those hoping to just pass algebra – Mathlab Apps LLC has created a masterpiece of programming code in the form of this jaw-dropping calculator. It’s 2014, so there’s no need to buy an expensive TI-something. All one has to do is download an app from their prefered mobile device and away they go down a happy road of equations. Mathlab Calculator adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides. But that’s not all! It also can derive functions, using a beautifully crafted user interface to make Calculus students tear up with joy. So math nerds unite to solve the fiercest equations with Mathlab Calculator.

Google Voice (Communication) [Free]: NJ 3

Google is already a huge factor in pretty much everyone’s lives, so why not make a texting app. With Google Voice, one get’s their own phone number with which they can make calls and texts for FREE. Free texting? Enough said. Download Google Voice today.

This is the concluding sentence of this review, so everyone reading this should download these apps and bask in the glory of technology.

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