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Breaking the Shell

Posted by: Mark Putney | February 5, 2014 | No Comment |


Friday, Jan. 31, the Mariner Theatre hosted a full audience for the opening night of the 14th annual Jazzline performance. The show, directed and choreographed by Jocelyn Shiro, included 46 dancers ranging from kindergarteners to adults in their 40s and 50s. The theme this year was on rebirth, renewal, and “breaking the shell,” hence there being a giant egg on stage for the second act. Homer High students Ben Westphal, Kaec Brinster, Dannie Mei Finch, Katherine Dolma, Elsa Simmons, Jake Worsfold, Eryn Gillam and Max Mangue danced in the performance.

Many dancers in this year’s show have only had experience in ballet, while others have never danced at all. Jake Worsfold and Max Mangue were among these new to dance, but both mastered their dances in time for the show. “I’m really going to miss Jazzline,” said Jake, a senior, after the weekend was through. “I think this is something I might want to continue later,” said Max. Hopefully those leaving Jazzline will continue to focus their creative energy into dance programs elsewhere.

Having family members in Jazzline, one is able to witness the dancers’ enthusiasm about Jazzline first hand. “Did you see them after they were done? They were just so happy!” exclaimed a proud father of his kids who were in the show.

If  you were inspired by Jazzline and wish to immerse yourself more in performance art but you’re struggling with finding an outlet that supports a variety of youth art, step into a Colors of Homer F.O.L. in the art room- the next event is late February.

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