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Stress in the Philippines

Posted by: Mark Putney | December 10, 2013 | No Comment |


In the Philippines after the terrible typhoon disaster, there has been lots of rebellion within the islands, because of the corruption that has been going on for years. Also, there is a lot of raiding in the areas affected by the storm. There was a hungry crowd that tried to hijack an aid convoy at a collapsed bridge, so they had to pull out. There is also a lot of sorrow for those who lost their lives in the typhoon destruction!

Nearly “620,000 people were displaced and 9.5 million affected across 9 regions”.

The death estimate was about 10,000 in Tacloban alone. There was a mass grave of about 300 to 500 bodies in one area of the city. About 300 people died in the neighboring Samar province.

The typhoon’s winds were about 195 miles an hour and gusts up to 235 mph! The survivors said that people who were in the streets were swept away by the stormy waves. Right now they are cleaning up the debris and still evacuating.

One woman who is eight months pregnant[ who did not want her name published] described in tears about her 11 family members, “They just vanished in the storm and my two daughters as well”. The president of the U.S. has responded, but because of the weather the U.S. navy has been delayed.

The president of the Philippines should have sent word to the U.S. military, which could have helped to bring martial law and peace back to the country, so the citizens could be helped. The president of the Philippines is Benigno S. Aquino III, and his armed forces are trying to bring back law and order to the islands that were affected and also the ones that were not affected in the ongoing war of corruption. His other islands are getting more police there so order is brought back. So the people are fearing a break-down in law and order over a course of time!

The US has received the call [SOS]! There are sending promised military assistance to the Philippines!

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