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Posted by: Mark Putney | December 10, 2013 | 2 Comments |


Look up. Notice anything? Like the brand new security camera documenting everything in its sight. In the recent weeks, crews have installed a brand new, state-of-the-art, security system that will serve and protect Homer High School from the filth of injustice.

HHS vice-principal, Ms. Mall, explained the addition of these cameras saying it was “for the safety of the building…we had an older system.”

An older system indeed. Many of the cameras stopped functioning long ago. In addition, the school board has their own agenda in terms of having a universal policy, thus just about every high and middle school in the district also received this new upgrade, according to Mr. Waclawski.

Cue the brand new system so advanced, it’s used in international airports. As of this article, there have been 58 new cameras, which all use video surveillance, installed in the building. They have been installed in new areas like the mat and weight rooms, along with being mounted on the exterior of the building to dissuade, “vandalism,” according to Mr. W. It looks like cutting down trees will no longer be a problem.

The new system recently made its first bust involving a spilled salad at lunch. So the next time a stupid idea is conjured up – remember – there are eyes everywhere.

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I enjoyed reading this article!

This is interesting….Homer High School is getting security 🙂 Nowhere near as crazy as it is here in Houston though (Metal detectors, police, search dogs, the likes.)

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