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Annual Pops Concert

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By Cayenna Anderson

From dancing, to singing, to foreign instruments, the 2012 Pops concert contains all of the elements of a successful talent showcase. Pops is known throughout the community as an exposé of the arts that all ages can enjoy with the array of acts that consist strictly of HHS students.

Auditions took place on Monday, May 7th, in which various acts tried out. Though only seventeen will advance to the concert, all received praise for their impressive presentations.

“We look for quality and variety,” said Mrs. Christianson, a judge alongside Mr. Robinson and Jill Berryman, “We like to have all different, high quality acts so that all talents are shown. For example, Mook is playing her Thai instrument, while Akane is singing a song in Japanese. The differences in this show are what make it HHS Pops. ”

 Though Pops is thought of, to some, as a more “mainstream” type of concert, all ages relish its ability to bring the community together to view the talent of the future.

Alicia Isenhour, Junior, said, “My favorite thing about pops is the variety; it makes it so much more interesting than a regular high school concert. I also think it gives people a chance to see what we have to offer through the arts.”

The 15th annual Pops concert will be in the HHS theater on Tuesday, May 15th at 7pm.

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