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The Change of the Lady Mariner Soccer Team

Posted by: Akane Fujimura | May 9, 2012 | No Comment |

By Akane Fujimura

“Oh, man. I couldn’t stand the last half game,” Anna Fisher, Girls JV soccer coach said after their first victory. According to the players, last year, the JV team scored one or two goals total for the whole season, and they never won a game.

“We did amazing,” Abby Brant, a sophomore midfielder, stated. “It was really awesome to watch them play.” As Fisher described, the players controlled the ball really well, communicated effectively, passed well, and moved the ball forward, leading to success. “We couldn’t do all these things without our strong defense. I was so impressed,” Fisher stated.

“The players are more experienced,” Abby described as the biggest change of the team from last year. “Last year, a lot of the players had never even played soccer before. But this year, a lot of the players have played for like four or five years, since they were little.” Fisher explained, “the reason we’ve been playing successfully is that this whole thing is ‘personal’. We have spectacular hard workers, people who played before, and most of them know the system and how things go.” Taylor Iredole, a sophomore goalie added, “they improved so much.”

As Abby said, the coaches’ change was the big part, too. “This year, the coaches understand the team and the players more than last year. Last year, even after the practices, a lot of the players didn’t understand the game.”

“I think we’re going to surprise some teams,” Fisher added, “And I hope that we can continue winning. Fingers crossed!”

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