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To Skip Or Not To Skip!

Posted by: Tabitha Drover | April 27, 2012 | No Comment |

(Seniors Kirsten Swanson and Mallory Drover, who attended school on senior skip day.)

 By:Tabitha Drover

To skip or not to skip, that is the question! Every year seniors are faced with the dilemma whether they should skip with their classmates on senior skip day or rebel against the crowd and go to school. Why would people choose to go school when their classmates are outside soaking in the sun,having fun?

Some seniors, such as Mallory Drover and Dana Olesch, felt obligated to come into school. They knew that teachers would still assign homework that had to get done. Senior Dana Olesch said “I just had too many papers due that needed to be turned in.”

However, there are seniors who felt obligated to turn in assignments, there were some other seniors, such as Nykkole Poindexter and Abby Little, who felt obligated to not miss another class and have that counted against them. “If I was well enough to come to school, I was going to come to school.” Said Abby.

Then there are seniors, such as Kirsten Swanson, who could not skip because of sports. Senior Kirsten Swanson said, “Well, female senior soccer players had to come to school in order to be eligible.”

Seniors who went to school on senior skip all had different reasons for going but they all shared one feeling in common: obligation to have to go to school.

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