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Walking or Not?

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By Aurora Roderick

Which seniors are going to walk? Right now, there are 32 students that will be walking with this year’s graduating class. The Senior Service Project is due, completed, by April 30th. The project consists of 30 hours of community service for a non-profit organization and then a one page summary. In the summary, the students are to write about what they did and how it affected them, as well as how the organization and the student have benefitted from the hours of community service.

There are only 32 out of 94 students who have completed their Senior Service Project. There are 31 students who have not even started their project. There are 23 students with approved projects but no hours recorded. There are 10 students who have finished their hours and not written their report. Lastly, there are 3 students who have started their hours and not completed them.

There are some students who have gone over twice the hours needed and are still volunteering. Jonathan Doan, and Mallory Drover have over 100 hours and are still volunteering. Jonathan and Mallory are volunteering at Homer Volunteer Fire Department, where Jonathan is a firefighter and Mallory is an Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.).

Lauren Cashman and Shlomo Gherman both have 60+ hours with their project currently completed.

Will there only be 32 students to walking at graduation? The Senior class has 5 days until that question are answered.

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