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Underclassmen dominate Meatball Volleyball

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By Cayenna Anderson

There are six boys on each side of the court, passing, setting and spiking. The whole crowd, containing most of the student body, can only hope that no spandex will be involved. A condition like this is none other than meatball volleyball, put on by the student council.

For those unfamiliar, meatball volleyball is the male equivalent to powder puff football, in which current volleyball players coach the willing boys of their class to compete against other classes. Though full of comedic, mechanical errors, fans come from all classes come out to watch their boys compete.

“It gives the guys the opportunity to do something they normally wouldn’t, as powder puff does the girls and is just a lot of fun for players and watchers,” said Mrs. Fisher, student council advisor.

Last Wednesday, the freshmen and seniors went head to head in a series of three severely close matches. The freshmen had the first match in the bag with their nonstop setting and spiking accuracy. However, they began to fall as the seniors put up their blocks to take the second match. In the end, the freshmen rose above to win the tie breaking match and a spot in the championships.

“The freshmen and seniors made it so intense, but I’m glad the freshmen won. Now we just have to beat the sophomores!” said junior, Caroline de Creeft.

On the following Friday, contrary to de Creeft’s prediction, the sophomores reigned victorious over the juniors in another set of three heart wrenchingly intense matches. In the first match, the sophomores creamed the juniors with their cross court spikes, while the juniors made a full comeback in the second, giving the sophomores a taste of their own medicine. It came down to the tie breaking game yet again where the sophomores pulled through for their place in the championship round.

Willy Deaver, junior participant, said that he hopes meatball volleyball will become a tradition because [he thinks] it’s a lot of fun and everyone seems to love it.

Underclassmen climbed to the top of the bracket and will face off on Wednesday, April 25th for the title and trophy of the 2012 meatball volleyball champions.

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