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Ryan N
As the school year comes to a close, talk of the upcoming year takes place. There are rumors floating around about next year, such as the controversial “retirement” of Mr. Casseri. Also floating around is some talk about the fate of the journalism class.

The high school is currently funded by money sufficient to finance 412 students, which is the reason they were able to offer extra classes. The number of students in the school is currently around 390, and next year’s numbers appear to be less than that; therefore, the school has decided to cut one half of a teacher from the curriculum next year. The loss of a half-teacher means that journalism cannot be offered unless a teacher chooses to offer it as a club.

Because of the extra funding, Homer was able to offer two extra classes, AP Government and Journalism, both of which were short-lived; they have only been offered since the beginning of this school year.

Currently enrolled students are not happy to hear this news. Journalist, Gabe Selbig, stated “the class provides a good basis for students to voice their opinions. I would even go so far as to say that the majority of the student voice comes from this class.”

Jacob Mayforth, among other writers, stated that writing in journalism greatly improves his writing. Jacob can now “pick up a subject and have an opinion about it and write about it.” He even knows a student who was planning to take the class next year; however, he or any other will not have the opportunity to do so.


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Is what you’re saying that The Mariner Compass would also end? Is this done in journalism?

When I was at HHS AP Gov was offered, that was 6 years ago. It was cancelled due to budget cuts?

What are the differences between journalism class and a journalism club? Credits?

How could the community help this? Fundraise? Sell The Mariner Compass as a column to local papers? Sell it as its own paper to the community?

I have a lot of questions. I really like reading the articles you all write and I think having a venue for youth voice is an important necessity to a strong and healthy community.

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