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Is Spirit Week Losing Its Spirit?

Posted by: Tabitha Drover | April 25, 2012 | 1 Comment |

By:Tabitha Drover

You walk down the hall and look to your left. There’s two students that are dressed exactly the same. Then you look to the right and see more students who dressed exactly the same. Then you start to wonder, “What’s going on?” You walk down the hallways and then see a bright yellow poster that says “Spirit Week! Monday-Twin Day,Tuesday-Pajama Day, Wednesday-Toga Day, Thursday Duct Tape Day, Friday- Blue and Gold Day!” Then it occurs to you that today is Monday, which is twin day.

Though spirit week is a week where students can express school spirit. Mrs.Fisher, teacher, said that only approximately 50% of the student population actually dressed up.

The few students that didn’t dress up said they didn’t because it seems to them that the school is losing its spirit and that people aren’t doing it for the intended purpose of showing school pride. They believe that kids will only dress up when it’s convenient for them and isn’t too out there.“I think people are dressing up because they want to dress up at school, not really to support the schools’ team so much,” said Junior Molly Duggan.

However, the students who did dress up believe that it’s a fun week that a lot of people like to participate in and that it makes a typical week a lot more enjoyable. “Even if people are just dressing up because they want to be a twin with their friend for a day it still brings a sense of spirit to the school because you could dress up any day but instead they chose to dress up on spirit week.” Emily Schmidt, senior, said. Waricha Thoejunthuk, a new student from Bangkok, Thailand who is new to the concept of spirit week thinks “It brings us all together.”

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Is there any prizes for the best dressed?

These days are the same that we had when I was in high school. Perhaps there are some different days that would intrigue more people?

Spirit is shown with unity is what I hear you saying in this article. Does HHS have a twitter or facebook feed? Perhaps you start one with a question and students answer-have them come up with slogans or contests that can be announced at the end of the week pep rally. How can you make it most convenient for the whole student body to participate? Just assign colors to each day and wear the same color clothing?

Ask students who don’t dress up what would entice them to change their minds.

Good luck!

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