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Desperate Approvals

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"Senior Service"

By Cayenna Anderson

These days, it seems like all one hears during our morning announcements is Mr. Gutzler over the intercom talking about senior service projects. Even with these constant reminders, there are only ten out of one hundred seniors that have completed their projects.

Mr. Gutzler said that if he can tell students anything on this subject, it’s to plan ahead! He added that currently there are numerous students rushing around trying to find a project and get his approval [that all it does] is add to the stress of being a senior.

Jody Weinfurter, one of the ninety who has yet to complete her project, said, “I’m lazy! I have it all done but I just need to turn it in. I think that that’s how it is for most people.”

To whoever is not familiar with senior service projects, they are a graduation requirement in which a student volunteers for a non-profit organization for a total of thirty hours. The supervisor of the project then evaluates the student’s efforts and the student goes on to write an essay that talks about his or her experience with their project.

For all of the seniors out there that are still struggling to find a project, opportunities are all around. Many students do things such as help coach a middle school sports team, or volunteer at the public library. However, if a student just can’t seem to find a project on their own, particularly one who wants to graduate with their class, they are urged to take the voyage to Mr. Gutzler’s room for ideas and advice.


“Senior Service”
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