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De-Bone Appétit

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By Lauren Cashman and Cayenna Anderson

Do you aspire to become chef? Or maybe just want to expand your knowledge of cooking? Mrs. Casseri will offer an F.O.L. and after school clinic from February 20th to 24th with French chef Michel Villon.

Villon, a French chef residing in Anchorage, has worked in multiple restaurants and currently coaches people on cooking techniques. Mrs. Casseri discovered him while he was judging a cooking competition at Skills U.S.A. in Anchorage and was able to talk to him about the work he does with students.

After hearing that Casseri could not teach her class to de-bone a whole chicken, Villon was quick to offer free sessions to Casseri’s students on how to accomplish this task.

Students are to bring a whole chicken, veggies and other cooking supplies and will make various dishes oriented around chicken. At the end of the week students will either be able to take their dish home or the food will be served at a school meeting.

This clinic is not just oriented towards Skills U.S.A students, but anyone who shows an interest in cooking. To learn from a chef of this caliber is a unique opportunity to a place as small as Homer.

If you are interested in attending these classes, please contact Mrs. Casseri, so that arrangements for rides can be taken care of in advance. Space is limited, but there is room for around 40 students.

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